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Our Story

Finding a place to service/repair your car, especially when out of motorplan, but also affordable and reliable can be a stressful and unpredictable undertaking. In the case of most vehicles in Africa, your first purchase is likely imported and without a service/motorplan. There is the fear of cost of service, unexpected bills, limited choice, discrimination, most times assurance of a reliable repair and that’s just to get your vehicle serviced/repaired. On the other hand, most service providers has to deal with constant changing terrain of technical knowhow, tooling, experienced technicians. The list goes on.

But it doesn't have to be like that;
We have developed a software platform where motorist can securely book qualified mechanics for service, repair and fitment.

Our Vision

Our vision is multifaceted - we aim to provide a sustainable platform for efficient mobility maintenance. We are dedicated to countering the impact of poor maintenance practices and counterfeit parts by encouraging the use of OEM parts within our network of workshops.

Mechanico does not only support effective operations for service providers - we're creating an ecosystem that safeguards the reliability and performance of the vehicles on our roads. Because we believe that every journey, from point A to B and beyond, should be stress-free, economically predictable, and fundamentally enjoyable

Enter the age of digital empowerment. Mechanico unites workshops and customers in a connected eco-system, providing an all-encompassing digital solution that facilitates transparency, instant booking, real-time notifications, and prompt invoicing. The journey from booking to job completion for customers is as smooth as a drive in a well-serviced car.

Further, we believe in the power of data-driven decisions. Our predictive tools and dashboards provide crucial business intelligence on stocking, supplier performance, and resource management. This capacity to foresee and prepare assures faster and more effective services, keeping your customers satisfied.

Our Mission

Welcome to Mechanico, your partner in transforming the auto repair and maintenance landscape. Our mission is to empower workshops with the tools they need for a balance of efficiency, connectivity, and insight - aiming for the ultimate goal of enriching the experience for car owners.

Our smart platform is all about empowering a customer-centric efficiency. Through our suite of features, we convert operational complexities into seamless workflows that save time and enhance your service delivery.

What to expect?
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Customer-Centric Efficiency

At Mechanico, we strengthen your workshop's efficiency with our smart platform, turning complexities into seamless operations with just a few clicks. The increased efficiency and time-savings enable your workshop to serve customers promptly, giving them an exceptional and unrivaled service experience.

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Digital Empowerment for Seamless Operations

Experience the power of technology with Mechanico's integrated tools for managing bookings, notifications, invoicing, quoting, and payments. This end-to-end digital solution facilitates smoother operations for workshops, while providing a transparent, user-friendly interface for your customers -- making their vehicle repair and maintenance journey as smooth as a well-oiled engine.

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Proactive Decision Making with Data

With Mechanico's predictive tools and insightful dashboard, be prepared for what’s coming next. Our platform enables you to stock parts efficiently, review suppliers, and manage resources smartly. This foresight reduces unnecessary waiting times for customers and enables quicker, more accurate repairs, leaving your customers impressed and satisfied.


At Mechanico, we believe that every car deserves a fulfilling economic life as well as up to date technical knowledge for mechanics or artisans are readily and easily accessible. We support individuals in conjunction with developmental agencies in training artisans for sustainable livelihood through our flagship future mechanic program. Click here for more info. In addition to the training, we support their credit application to setup mobile workshop(s). This provides an enormous opportunity in job creation.

Avoid the stress and unpredictability of getting support for your vehicle or workshop – simply search, notify service providers, accept booking and pay via this website and you’ll be all set for getting the best possible service/repair done either at home, office or workshop. Whether you’re in for a temporary fix or warranty based

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