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Eliminate Downtime and Save on Costs,  Say good bye to prolonged downtimes and unexpected costs while ensuring high-quality repairs and maintenance for your fleet.

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Experience greater efficiency and effectiveness with our comprehensive tools and support:
Reduced Downtime
Minimize vehicle downtime by quickly finding and booking reliable repair shops. Keep your fleet operational and avoid disruption to your services.
Cost Savings
Compare quotes from multiple workshops to choose the most cost-effective options. Maintain your budget without compromising on service quality.
Increased Reliability
Access trusted and vetted workshops with a proven track record. Ensure repairs are done right the first time, reducing repeat issues and costs.
Service Offering Expansion
Gain valuable insights into your fleet's maintenance needs and costs through detailed reports. Optimize your maintenance strategy and improve fleet performance.
Operational Flexibility
Book services at your convenience with options for at-home, office, or workshop appointments. Schedule maintenance without disrupting fleet operations.
Brand Reputation and Trust
Benefit from flexible service options such as pickup and delivery, managed seamlessly via our platform. Save time and logistical efforts with convenient and integrated service management.
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What the App Provides

Smart Insights for smart businesses
Track your key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions with your Fleet.
Service Utilization
Number of vehicles serviced for the first time during the week.
Average Maintenance Cost
Understand average spend on maintenance per vehicle.
Maintenance Expenses
Total maintenance and repair costs before discounts, including taxes.
Service Efficiency
Percentage of vehicles receiving maintenance after being scheduled.

Target Fleet Audience

Our partnerships expand beyond mechanical repair shops we partner with all automotive business types
Fleet Managers
Oversees the entire fleet operation, including maintenance schedules, compliance, costs, and efficiency.
Logistics Managers
Manages the transportation and distribution aspect of a business which relies heavily on the fleet.
Business Owners/Executives
Oversee the strategic direction of the company, which includes ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the fleet.
Service-based Companies
Companies in fields such as utilities, telecom, HVAC, plumbing, and pest control that rely on fleets for service delivery.
Fleet Maintenance Coordinators
Manages the day-to-day maintenance activities for the fleet.
Procurement Managers
Responsible for acquiring and managing resources for fleet maintenance, including parts and services.
Transportation and Logistics Companies
Businesses that rely heavily on vehicles for their core services.
Rental and Leasing Companies
Businesses that provide vehicles for short-term or long-term rental.
Operations Managers
Responsible for the broader operations of the company, which includes fleet management as a subset.
CFOs and Financial Managers:
Manages the financial aspects of the company, including budgets and expenditures for fleet maintenance.
Public Sector Entities
Government agencies and public services that maintain fleets for various functions such as public safety, utilities, and transportation.
Fleet Leasing and Management Companies
Companies that lease and manage fleets on behalf of other businesses.